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Greenwich International aims to be the benchmark company that sets the right standards for everyone’s daily life.

For the time of our precious families filled withlove.

We strive to make the hearts of parents more at ease,
enabling them to choose only the best for their precious families filled with love.


To children and adults, Greenwich International provides products for a healthy lifestyle,

ensuring that every choice is a good one.






Greenwich International


The First Separable Smart Easy Milk Dispenser in Korea​

In October 2023, we pioneered the childcare product market once again by introducing the first separable smart easy milk dispenser in Korea.
With just one touch, it provides precise temperature and water quantity, addressing the inconveniences of traditional dispensers and allowing for easy disassembly and cleaning.
This product comes highly recommended as a comfortable and safe essential childcare item. ​

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting-related Encyclopedia Recommended 100% Natural Organic Moisturizing Cream

Chosen as the skincare product recommended by the unrivaled No.1 bestseller in the field of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting for 16 years, LiLiKiWi Organic Moisturizing Cream stands out.
It is the only domestically available 100% natural organic product, ensuring safe use.
With its rolling application design, children can easily apply it themselves, promoting the habit of using lotion.

Introducing bubble_b, the Eco-friendly Detergent with Europe’s No.1 Technology, Launched in Korea.

Now, you can experience the French eco-friendly detergent brand, bubble_b, featuring the “perfect plant-based ingredients” right here in Korea.
Known for its stringent adherence to EU standards, it boasts 0% harmful substances, 0% allergens, and has successfully completed sensitivity skin tests.