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Greenwich International

To children and adults, Greenwich International provides products for a healthy lifestyle,ensuring that every choice is a good one.

As a distributor that exclusively imports global brands from countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the United States, and beyond, in addition to developing our in-house brand, Greenwich International is expanding a diverse range of brands in the domestic market.

In response to the rapidly changing market environment, Greenwich remains committed to its mission of ensuring everyone’s happiness and satisfaction with sustainable products. We strive to adapt to the evolving market landscape while upholding the values and purpose that define Greenwich.

CEO  Lee Jea-gi


Greenich’s Values

User Trust

Greenwich International’s brands are products equipped with the highest level of quality-assured technology. We prioritize user trust by consistently delivering products that meet high quality standards.

User’s Future

We journey into the future alongside users, offering sustainable and eco-friendly products for everyone’s future.

User Values​

As a brand, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing convenience and safety. We strive to be a valuable brand that places the utmost importance on meeting the needs and values of our customers.